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When I was a campus student, I was able to come across that there were many ruptured mattresses in our dorm. At the time, I was a general secretary at Ambo University student union and I had a chance to discuss the issues with the proctors. I was so shocked when I found out that some girls used the ruptured mattress as a sanitary pad every month.

Having learned about the challenges that most students were going through as well as experiencing some rashes when I used commercial sanitary pads myself, I could not stop thinking about the idea. Frankly speaking, I was not thinking of starting a business at the time as my first intention was solving the problem.

But then, I thought to myself that what if I change it to business and make money as well as alleviate the problem of women? So, I started researching and understood that only a few countries like India and Uganda that manufactures the same products as we do here. That is how I started fully engaging in Happy.