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Why should you use Happy Pads?


It's organic and safe for the users because we don't use Harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. 

100% Biodegradable

Environmentally Friendly and degraded after 6 months of disposal.  


It's made up of organic Cotton, Banana, Bamboo, and corn fiber that all are agro waste.


More absorbent

It's more absorbent than other conventional sanitary pads because It's made up of banana fiber which is more absorbable. 

Comfortable and No-leakage

Our high-quality brand products have a new design that is only registered and has an industrial design patent so It makes it comfortable and has no leakage. 

rash-free periods

There is no rash, irritations, or allergies while you are on your period. 


Choose Happy!

Happy For You!  Happy For the Environment!



Our latest product developments.

Happy Pad Product
Banana Fiber Pads

Quality pads with each disposable bags.

Bamboo Fiber Pads

Comfortable & organic 

What We Do

Our Mission
Our Mission

To Help Both women & the environment with biodegradable, organic & quality hygiene products.

What we do?
What We Do?

Manufacture 100% compostable , natural & brand women Hygiene Products.

Why Us?
We are 100% Biodegradable sanitary pad that are Patented with Unique design with Chemical & Plastic free pad that gives Rash free period to our users.
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Plastic-Free & Rash-Free Periods for You!


Do you have any Questions?


What is your work?

A female-founded, patented that promotes access to eco-friendly hygiene products for women, while reducing plastic pollution and encouraging a circular economy. We reduce CO2 emissions, and plastic waste and create awareness on menstrual health.

Our Product

We produce an alternative to conventional plastic-based sanitary pads made of plant-based material, making them 100 % biodegradable and chemical-free


We have positive social impacts like Job Creation and improved access to not only sanitary pads but also quality chemical and plastic-free pads. raise awareness on menstrual hygiene management and reduce period stigma. We also have an Environmental Impact that reduces CO2 emissions, and plastic waste because Happy pads degraded after 150 days of disposal. 

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